" I apply my lips, teeth and tongue, everywhere"





Episode 1:11 Christine Blackburn

The insanity of the COVID-19 pandemic has cancelled everything! 'Shelter In Place Orders' are extended indefinitely, which means no live events for the rest of the year. 2020 is shot, folks!  That doesn't mean we can't try and bring you THE BEST of Velvet Tom in Podcast form! BAD TIMING WITH VELVET TOM! An entertainment and lifestyle podcast at a completely inappropriate time, features conversations with friends of mine in the BIZ and beyond!  No sense in you wondering what your favorite velvet-clad loathario is up to, Because he's talking about it!

Velvet Tom is BACK baby! My special guest Christine Blackburn and I, talk about her Story Worthy Empire, having a weed strain named after us and much, much more! Listen, NOW! Listen here or where listen to podcasts!

TONIGHT! I will be appearing on her Zoom show The Story Worthy Hour of Power and The Story Smash Game Show! Details, right here on the home page!

Now Booking Virtual Appearances for 2020 and Beyond

2020 I think was supposed to be everyones year...but alas the earth is on literal and figurative fire right now! Not to worry, because we live in the apocalyptic future with video conferencing! IMMHO, the best way to see me is 'in the flesh' but that is just not going to happen for the rest of the year (realistically speaking). That's why I’m making access to me only a click or tap away!  WE WILL ENDURE, and we will find a way to adapt to this new crazy normal. Just know, that I will ZOOM you any time you want, ZOOM you day and night, 'coz it's alright! I will get my ZOOM all. up. in. there.  SO FAR I hosted a virtual political rally and sang at a Social Distancing Backyard Birthday Party!  Entertainment in this age IS possible.

Where will the rest of this year take VT? Only you can decide! Book Velvet Tom for your special pants-less event, or build a virtual event around him! The versatility and flexibility of a Virtual Velvet Tom Show means a wide range of performance possibilities! Velvet Tom's premiere trio The Velours are available for your Quarantine Cocktail party. Let's make something happen....digitally!


Black Lives Matter

This is all our fight. A fight against a corrupt and malignant behavior called racism.  No one is born racist. It is a learned behavior that can be unlearned. It begins by recognizing the clear and growing racial disparity in America and how this festering wound has gone untreated long enough. Recognizing the systemic racism that exists within our police departments, other pillars of authority, and everyday institutions that are important in our society like sports, entertainment, big business, real estate and the list goes on.  If you really can't understand why Black Lives Matter, visit their website and FFS talk to someone who might make you understand the importance of the movement ESPECIALLY at this moment in time.

Defunding the Police does NOT mean NO POLICE. That would be un-fund the police, which is why defunding police forces would mean their often bloated budget would go to education so you too can learn the difference between the prefixes.

Thank you to the peaceful protestors who take chances keeping this very important message alive. If you can't protest, then listen, petition and donate (when you can). Thank You