a Z-list singer with an A-list libido

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Velvet Tom is an insatiable tour de force in the sack and on stage!


VT is the new strain of vocal virus that will rip through your cerebral cortex so fast, you will orgasm out of your ears. 


With complex compilations, mesmerizing mash-ups and horny harmonies, Velvet Tom will rearrange your DNA and leave you lying on the floor, in a mushy pile of bad choices, as he applies his lips, teeth and tongue...everywhere.  


Fall in lust again and believe in the leg opening power of  Velvet Tom.





Velvet Tom is one public figure who knows how to hobnob and rub elbows with all the big dogs at the latest social functions!


If theres a party, gala or 'event of the season' he can crash, Velvet Tom will crash it, until he's tossed out, but not without a fist full of free shrimp. Most parties love having VT on the guest list. Here he is with 'whisker whisperer' Wonderstache at The Edwardian Ball! Since this pic was taken, Velvet has attended another Edwardian Ball and got another pic with Wonderstache...at a Denny's.  


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Velvet Tom will be your Host Master General!


When you think about it...makes sense! Velvet Tom has hosted countless events throughout the years; Gilda's Club! The San Fransisco Improv Festival, MNTease's 'Valentease', A night of Karaoke for the employees of Philip Morris and much, much more! Allow your benefit to benefit with the addition of VT as your emcee! All I'm saying is think about it. You could do worse.


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