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Gone Digital!

Would you please take a moment from your own selfish lives to follow me on multiple digital formats? Icons for each lovely “social format” available, are at the bottom of each page on the site! Enjoy. Don’t be a stranger. pick up the phone once in a while… text, or something. Would it kill you Read More …

Velvet Toms Tips on Holiday Tipsy

The big drinking season is upon us and Lounge Legend Velvet Tom has seen the inside and out, the upside and down of the bar scene. He has spent eons, lubricating his liver with every toxin from the Top Shelf, to the Well, to even some unknown liquids found on the barroom floor. VT is Read More …

New Page! New Gallery!

Check out the new bio and new gallery of classic Velvet Tom portraits! The Holidays will be here before you know it! Let booking VT be the best idea you do, this Christmas Season!